July 14, 2010

new artist trading cards

I really don’t like myself when I am cranky. I don’t know how anyone else can stand me when I am like this.

Things that make me cranky:

-Hot, sticky days

-People that don’t return phone calls

– Misplaced items

– My camera when it doesn’t take the pictures I want it to

The trouble I am having with my camera is taking close-ups of small objects. I’ve made several matchbox shrines this week that I am dying to share, but every picture I take comes out terribly blurry. I’ll keep working on it.

I will be starting my medical transcription training course by the end of the month, so I am just having fun making art and enjoying these leisurely days. Besides matchbox shrines, I’ve also been putting together artist trading cards this week.  Here are some:

untitled atc








These are all available for trade… contact me to set something up.

Here are some things that make me not-so-cranky:

– I found a pen pal. Annamarie in New Mexico. Hi!

– A friend has commissioned me paint a door in his house. The room has some great vintage wallpaper in a green pattern that I love, so somehow that pattern will play into the finished project. He is giving me free reign on subject, and I am pretty certain that I am going to paint Medusa.  Will probably start on that next week.

– Apparently there is a group of women that do live Artist Trading Card swaps here in Fort Smith. More info when I get it.

– I love back-to-school shopping time! I’ve been stocking up on glue sticks, bought a new planner and am on the hunt for cute pencil bags.

– I’m organizing a yard sale for my apartment building. It will be Saturday July 24. Looking forward to decluttering and making some cash, too.

July 9, 2010

Wanted: Pen Pals

It is a rainy day here in Arkansas, and I’ve been a busy little inside bee. New banner for the blog, and some more free collage sheets in the works. Right now I have three sheets of vintage Halloween images ready to be scanned, plus a matchbox shrine that I’m trying to turn into a printable project to share.  Oh, and maybe even a collage sheet of gnomes will come out of this little buzz of activity! We’ll see.

Here are a few postcards I collaged earlier this week:

I’ve been on a mail kick lately, writing letters and making cards and envelopes. I have more stuff than I know what to do with… I think I need some pen-pals. Ideally, my pen-pals would be reliable and prompt. I’d be interested in trading small packages containing notes, postcards, artist trading cards, clip art, stationery, little goodies, tiny treasures, candies, matchbox shrines, etc.  If anyone is interested in being pen-pals, leave a comment or e-mail eyecandycollective@gmail.com

Reviewing my June photographs, and sadly, there isn’t much there. My camera batteries went m.i.a. but have safely returned home.  Hopefully July will see more documentation.

The dandelions at night are the ghosts of flowers past.

xoxo candy

July 6, 2010

FREE inchie collage sheet

We’ve had some very hot days here in Arkansas, with the heat index already reaching 109 degrees. I’ve been trying to stay cool and occupied indoors.  For a few weeks it was crochet; this week it is writing letters and making collaged post cards.

I kept coming up with tiny scraps of paper that I didn’t want to throw away and had a handfull of super small images.

I’ve been making ATCs for years, but never experimented with any of the spin-off varieties of trading cards, such as inchies, twinchies and rinchies. (For an explanation, check out: Stamphenge)

I decided to start with making some inchies, but before going to town with my glue stick, I thought I’d share my tiny finds.

Inchie Stuff

Click on the image to download.

Hope y’all have fun with this! Please send pics of projects using these images and I’ll post it in my blog.

xoxo Candy

February 16, 2010

Well, our Valentine’s Day plans fell through and Mr. Martini and I did not get our romantic kid-free night, afterall. As a matter of fact, it was a bad weekend. My landlord says I have to get rid of Tokyo* within ten days.
I had stuff for cupcakes, though, and Valentine’s decorations up, so I tried to make the best of it. I pulled the punch bowl out of the closet, filled up some goody bags and had a little get-together for my son, his crew, and Mr. Martini’s kiddos.
The teenagers:
Kyle is on the far left.
Sarah took this pic of me, Mr. Martini and Tokyo:
Cupcakes and punch:
I’ve been spending some bitter-sweet time with Tokyo, redecorating the living room and working on a self portrait while he sits by my side, as always.
Almost finished, need to do some touching up and more embellishing:

Close up:

*So my lease says no pets. At the time I signed it, Tokyo was living at Mr. Martini’s  house. But he moved recently and he could not find an apartment in the area he was looking in that would allow pets, so Tokyo has been staying with me. My landlord discovered him and put a note on my door that says I will be evicted if Tokyo is not gone within ten days.

Today’s Cupcake of the Day is one that aptly expresses how I feel right now:

xoxo candy

February 11, 2010

I woke up this morning feeling achy and feverish. Slept half the day away. They are taking good care of me over here at the Martini Lounge, though. Mr. Martini brought me juice and Ny-Quil and the boy helped do my laundry. They are sweeties!

Today’s entry in the file folder journal:

Click pictures for larger image.

“I had another dream about cowboy boots. I was wearing a well-worn black pair that fit me perfectly. I was so happy.”

Art Journal Workshop is a new collaborative art journal blog. Some of my ‘Things I love’ journal pages are posted there. Go check out what other people are doing with their journals.

I C U!

I hate this weak feeling more than anything else about the  flu. Everything feels like a great effort. So I’ve been taking photos of my left hand. This is my favorite.

It’s Ny-Quil time. Before I go, though…

Today’s cupcake of the day is this Sweet Caramel Creme:


xoxo candy

February 10, 2010

True Blue, Baby I Love You

Good day. Had a very leisurely morning with Mr. Martini, drinking coffee and working on the new art journal.(Page in progress)

I’ve been gravitating toward the color blue for the last two days. I think it is some sort of rebellion against my burning love for pink and red lately.

For that reason, today’s Cupcake of the Day is this little baby blue one:

I picked up my Valentine’s Day cards from Walgreens this afternoon:

Need to get those in the mail in the morning.

I was supposed to go home today, but Mr. Martini proposed I stay another night by popping the question with a fresh Bavarian Creme filled from the Bakery around the corner.

I’ve got to quit eating everything that is delicious!

I think I am going to start going back to belly dance class once a week to get my ass moving. I’m getting way too cozy this winter. I have a date with my kiddo on Thursday, so I will probably start the next Tuesday or Thursday. I can’t wait! The classes were always a blast.

Okay, going to address envelopes now!

xoxo candy

February 9, 2010

Look at our brooding Unlikely Hunk of the Month:

“I just told you I wasn’t a Satanist.” -Danzig

(I couldn’t find many good Danzig quotes, believe it or not.)

So we got a lot of beautiful snow today. Now Mr. Martini says I need to stay another night because he doesn’t want to drive across the bridge to Ft. Smith. I have spent more nights over here than I have at home this week. It is nice, actually.

Today I picked up some plain file folder for 10 cents each, thinking that the thickness of them would be great for art journal pages.

I cut them in half, trimmed them down and then used masking tape to hold the pages together. (Right now I am limited to what art/craft supplies Mr. Martini has . ) I trimmed down another folder to hold the journal in:

I have done one page in it so far:

So, for 30 cents I have a functional, one -of- a kind journal. You really don’t need that $20 Moleskine to be creative. An art journal can be made out of so many things! Not only that, you don’t have to fill up a huge sketchbook. That can be intimidating. Start modestly, with six to eight pages. Small art journals can be very gratifying!

xoxo candy

February 8, 2010

The boy took this picture this morning:

The kids didn’t have to go into school, which is silly because the roads aren’t bad. I’m not complaining, just saying.

Today’s Cupcake of the Day is this lovely Snowball Cupcake.

Almost done with my little February Art Journal:

Click on pictures for a larger image.

I had the boy collect some snow and put it in the freezer to make ice cream with later. My son’s friend, Haley, gave me this recipe the last time that it snowed.

Snow Ice Cream:


  • 1 gallon snow
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups milk

Stir it all up and eat it!

I have a bag of shredded coconut in my refrigerator that I plan to stir into the mix. I love coconut ice cream.

Speaking of things I love, last night Mr. Martini and I had the munchies, so I went in the kitchen and concocted something absolutely absurd and brilliant. I present to you, Candy’s Breakfast Nachos:


*A few handfuls of small tortilla chips. I used the little round kind.

* A handful of Cinammon Toast Crunch cereal

* Peanut Butter, about half a cup

* Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup

Spread tortilla chips and cereal on a microwave safe plate.  Dollop peanut butter on mixture. Top with syrup. Microwave for 45 seconds or until peanut butter is melted.

The sweet and salty satisfaction of this is amazing, I swear.

Well, I am heading back to the Fort today. I need to do some cleaning and organizing so that I can get to a little redecorating.

xoxo candy

February 8, 2010

*new* Cupcake of the Day! *new*

I’ve decided to add a new feature to my blog: Cupcake of the Day

Today’s cupcake is dedicated to Mr. February–Glenn Danzig.

This is a devil’s food cupcake with blackberry frosting. A cupcake dark enough for even Danzig, I think.

I’m taking ‘Candy’s Unlikely Hunk of the Month’ seriously. I have this picture as my desktop:

Miss Sarah has gone home, so my babysitting gig is up.  I’m still staying another night at Mr. Martini’s, though. I have spent more nights of the week over here lately than I have at home.  As much as I love the Martini Lounge, I am getting anxious to go home and nest for a bit. I want to move some things around in my apartment and do a little redecorating.

After I finish watching The Royal Tenenbaums (again!) with Caleb, I am going to pop in Bellydancing for Beautiful Freaks in the DVD player and get my blood flowing. This Sunday was sooo lazy.

xoxo candy

February 7, 2010

I think we’re just gonna have to be secretly in love with each other and  leave it at that, Ritchie.”

I’ve been babysitting Mr. Martini’s daughter this weekend. Which has basically consisted of watching movies, playing on the internet and painting my fingernails (red!).

What I’ve been doing online:

* Looking for games to keep Sarah amused. So what if I have to test the games out first. I especially like DressUpKiss.

However, I don’t think that site is appropriate for an 11 year old girl. It has categories like: Kissing games, Cooking games, and  Make-up games. It is kind of sick, hence my fascination.

* Watching Danzig videos on youtube. Metal Kitsch!

I think I am going to make a “Candy’s Unlikely Hunk Of -the-  Month” calendar.

Glenn Danzig is an obvious choice for Mr. February.

Walgreens has a coupon in their weekly ad for photo valentines for 14 cents each. The mininum order is 20.

*Pricing SD cards.  Mine seems to be broke. Mr. Martini said, “I didn’t think those things could break.” Yeaaah, me either.

I am almost done with my ‘Things I Like’ journal. Due to the broken SD card, though, there will be no pics of recent pages, darn it.

xoxo candy